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Happy Sagittarius season to us all! Those of you who know me from Basha the Vagabond may know that this is my birthday season. So it seems somewhat poetic that I re-embark on my writing journey during the zodiacal season of literature.

Something you should probably know about me: I am a story nerd. Weather it be a book, movie, TV show, poetry, or even spoken folk-lore; if it's got compelling opening scene, chances are I've already fallen down the rabbit hole and transported myself mentally to that universe. I become Alice, exploring my wonderfully strange and new Wonderland.

"Once upon a time" was a potent transformative and magical phrase for me growing up. Sometimes I feel as though I've had my head buried in a book since the age of 8, and have yet to re-join the real world. I suppose that speaks more to my Neptunian desires for escapism. But my Aquarian tendencies to dissociate and my strong Sagittarian ego relish in the story-world.

8 was the year when I became a passive spectator in the literature world. 26 will, hopefully, be the year I become much less introverted when it comes to these alternate universes. This website will become my online space for sharing my Sagittarian love for storytelling, as well as my obscure in-depth Aquarian theories. And what better Sagittarian/Aquarian fashion is there than analysis through the lens of Astrology!

Also, I don't know about you guys, but I am so incredibly over horoscope astrology. Not to throw any shade on those who enjoy it, but I suspect I'm not alone in my perspective on the matter. I see Horoscopes as a purely consumerist and egocentric way of presenting Astrological content. Even with this recent Astrology renaissance we are experiencing, it's all "don't embark on new relationships this month, Sag," or, my favorite "be careful with communication during this mercury retrograde, Gemini!".... I find it very difficult to read a horoscope and be even slightly stimulated or informed by it.

I'm ready for new ways of Astrological content being presented in the media. But I won't be waiting in a consumerist manner for someone else to create this content for me. I'm just gonna do it myself!

So, in embarking on this journey with me, expect spoilers, and expect some Astrological vocabulary that I will do my best to explain in normal terms. But most of all, expect to reminisce in our shared favorite stories! Who knows, maybe you'll even come to see them in a completely new light... Stay tuned!

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