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the VILLAIN & the CHALLENGE [Astrology of the Lion King Part 2]

Welcome back Astro-Readers!

I hope you enjoyed my analysis of The Lion King's scene 1, where I uncovered two significant pieces of information;

1) Simba's birth was an Aries/Spring event

2) The Ceremony took place during a Summer Solstice

In this writing piece, I will be picking up where I left off & continuing with scene 2's mythological analysis.

While the first few minutes of The Lion King was a silent/visual storytelling scene, we're about to dive into the rich verbal narrative of one of the greatest movies of our generation...

So, without further ado, let's jump back into the timeless wilderness of the Kenyan Pride Lands.


Roots of a Royal Coup...

The screen fades from black, to a cavernous scene of warm hues.

A cute little cave mouse appears, scurrying about and pausing to scratch his nose.

Out of nowhere, WHAM! A large paw traps and catches the little mouse by his tail.

The beast of prey: a cold & menacing lion with green eyes, jet black hair, and a large pink scar. The mark spans from above his left eyebrow, down to his lower eye-lid.

He seems to be enjoying tormenting the poor little mouse before going for the kill.

The lion's dramatic opening-monologue is of a sinister and threatening nature.

"Life's not fair, is it?... You see, I shall never be king... And you, shall never see the light of another day."

We have just met the main villain archetype of The Lion King's tale: Scar. Within the first few seconds of his appearance on screen, we can already sense the evil vibes emanating from this character.

Thankfully the royal messenger toucan, Zazu, interrupts the malefic lion in the act, allowing the mouse to escape to freedom.

As Mufasa enters the scene, we see Scar address the King for the first time:

"Why, if it isn't my big bother, descending from on high to mingle with the commoners."

Ignoring the sarcastic remark, Mufasa proceeds to confront Scar for not attending "the presentation of Simba," aka The Ceremony.

Initially, Scar pretends that the event had "slipped his mind."

Agitated and angered by this response, Zazu informs Scar that "as the King's brother," he should have been "first in line" at the ceremony.

Viewers have just learned some vital details about Scar's character:

As Mufasa's brother, Scar was the prince of the Pride Lands. Not just any prince, the prince. That is to say that, until Simba was born, Scar was first in line to the Pride Rock/throne...

If this were a criminal investigation, I would say that we just found our villain's motive.

There is no time, nor need for the viewer to ponder weather or not Scar may actually be a gracious prince who loves his brother the king, is happy about the birth of his son & wishes him a long and happy life.

If viewers pay attention to his tone, body language, and subtext, Scar continues to reveal his evil & malefic nature.

"Well, I was first in line... until the little hairball was born."-Scar

With no hesitation, Scar expresses his envious sentiments towards the young lion-cub prince, as well as his displeasure towards no longer being next in line to the throne. The interaction between the King and his brother becomes more and more heated. Agitated by Scar's sarcastic remarks and disrespectful demeanor, Mufasa asserts his dominance firmly in his warning to his brother.

"Don't turn your back on me, Scar!" - Mufasa

Unwilling to back down in his verbal defiance, Scar throw's his brother's warning back at him.

"Oh, no Mufasa. Perhaps it is you who shouldn't turn your back on me." - Scar

The bitter prince seems to be implying that he himself feels betrayed by his brother, the King. Maybe through Scar's wounded perspective, he felt that by having a child, Mufasa had maliciously denied Scar his rightful throne.

Of course, a true alpha - especially in the context of natrual wilderness - could never allow this amount of insolence to pass; even if it's coming from his own brother. Mufasa must reassert dominance & put Scar in his place.

"Is that a challenge?!" - Mufasa
"I wouldn't dream of challenging you [...] As far as brains go, I got the lion's share. But when it comes to brute strength, I'm afraid I'm at the shallow end of the gene pool." - Scar

With the bittersweet victory of having the last word, Scar is able to throw in one last defiant & cleverly veiled insult/threat at his brother, before reluctantly accepting his demotion.

Scar exits the scene, no longer as Beta of the pride, but as Omega, third in line.


This entire confrontation between the two lions carries so much undertone & characteristic implications, I can't help but deconstruct it further. Afterall, we have just witnessed a mini-power struggle between the brothers: the strong, dominant king vs the shifty, envious prince.


In saying he has "the lion's share" of brains, Scar reveals that he believes intellect to be his biggest strength, rather than mere physical ability.

In Astrology, tarot, and many other mystic practices - the concepts of intellect & communication are linked to the element of air.

Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are the 3 air sings of the Zodiac. Is it possible that Scar's character is an embodiment of one of them?

While all 3 air-archetypes are strategically & intellectually gifted, from this scene alone I am most inclined to view Scar as a Gemini...

[Sorry Gemini readers, I know you already get enough of a bad rap]


For one, if Scar and Mufasa really are brothers who were born in the same litter, they would basically be considered twins - the prime symbol of the Gemini constellation. Throughout the movie, there is no mention of any other blood-family to Mufasa and Scar; the brothers really are the only two royal siblings we know of.

Even if this twin symbolism is a bit of a stretch, Scar and Mufasa's dynamic still falls within the territory of Gemini concepts. In Astrological practices, the part of our lives that involves our sibling, peers, and the way we communicate with them, are all matters of the 3rd house - a terrain ruled by Mercury's Gemini energy.

"I wouldn't dream of challenging you [...] As far as brains go, I got the lion's share. But when it comes to brute strength, I'm afraid I'm at the shallow end of the gene pool." - Scar

Additionally, we can see that Scar's verbal games & the way he speaks cryptically are intellectual skills of a verbal nature. In the closing line of his first scene, if you were to just read his words on paper without hearing the tone of his voice, he would seem to be speaking non-threateningly, with vocabulary that is quite neutral & factual. However, from hearing his intonations and seeing his facial expressions, we know that Scar's intentions are to portray dramatic sarcasm.

Reading the subtext behind his body language & tone, Scar has actually basically called his brother stupid, while vaguely threatening to overthrow him through intellectual strategy, rather than direct/head-on physical confrontation. In this proclamation that words are his weapon of choice, Scar has revealed his archetype, as words are an arsenal most commonly associated to Geminis and Sagittarians.

Though there are many more reasons I could continue to connect Scar's archetype to that of Gemini, I would be getting ahead of myself & revealing Astrological spoilers out of context. So, I will have to cut myself short, and conclude my scene 2 analysis here.

Again, writing over 1000 words to deconstruct about 3 minutes of movie may seem obsessive and/or unnecessary, but how could I not?!

Both of these opening scenes have been rich in symbolism in completely different ways.

The first scene introduced our main HERO through imagery & visual symbolisms, while the second has introduced the main villain/SHADOW through symbolisms of dialogue & subtext...

I don't know about you guys, but I can't wait to dive into the rest of the movie's analysis & see what we uncover next!

Join me next time for Astrological Analysis of scene 3:


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