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introducing Thomas Shelby: mythology of a Capricorn Warrior

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

On this Capricorn moon of Aquarius season, Thomas Shelby has been on my mind...

The Peaky Blinders, for me, was definitely one of the best shows to come out of last decade. Steven Knight, the show's creator - who I can only assume is a Scorpio because I can't find his actual birthday anywhere - can only be described as a brilliant storyteller. He is one of the fictional writers of whom I suspect to use Astrology in their creative literary practices. Each of Knight's 5 seasons (or "series" as they say in the Queen's country), have been intricately composed narratives of epic influence.

And the characters? Iconic.

Every single member of the Shelby family has a larger-than-life, god-like presence to them that'll fill your room through the screen.

I do have a very slight annoyance at the show's creators and writers for never clearly disclosing the exact date of Tommy's birth. But even so, it's been pretty fun to deconstruct and investigate each character's tendencies and traits.

So, even though I have no direct proof for some of my Astrological assessments, I plan on providing ample circumstantial evidence to back up my theories.

So when I have no direct evidence of a character's birth-chart, I tend to abide by a basic principle of statistics. In this informational science, one coincidence is considered to be a mere anomaly; two coincidences are considered a loose trend. Three coincidences, however, officially suggest a pattern.

So without further ado, let's explore the patterns of Thomas Michael Shelby.

1890-1919 [pre-show history]

Thomas was born in 1890 in Small Heath, Birmingham, England.

*I believe his exact date of birth to be around January 15, making him a Capricorn, a Scorpio moon, and possibly a Gemini ascendant ...

He was the second-eldest son to Arthur Shelby Sr. and Renee (Strong) Shelby. His siblings are Arthur Jr [1887], John [1895], Ada [1897], and the youngest, Finn [1908].

Too soon after Finn's birth, Tommy's mother died of a grave illness. Arthur Sr - an Irish "Gypsy King," and devilish trickster - walked out on his family shortly following her passing. In leaving, he abandoned all 5 of his children in the care of his sister, Polly Gray. Horribly enough, this abandonment may have been in the best interest for the Shelby children. As it turns out, when Arthur Sr. was around, he was a drinker, a gambler, and an impulsively violent man. Though they were ultimately better off without him, this trauma of abandonment that this Aries/Gemini-like father inflicted on his children is not to be underestimated.

I mean, talk about Capricornian "daddy issues,"...

After their turbulent father's exodus, the three eldest brothers; Arthur Jr, Thomas, and John stepped up and took over the Shelby family "business," aka, the Peaky Blinders gang.

Though on paper, it seems that all 3 boys were following in their father's footsteps, it was Arthur Jr and John who initially displayed the most impulsively violent Mars-warrior tendencies. And I'm telling you right now, both of these boys are probably Aries-suns - but their archetypal analyses will have to wait for another time.

20-something Tommy, on the other hand, seemed to have been a thriving, idealistic, gentle-natured young man. Sure, he was a gangster, no-one is without flaws. But everyone in his life believed he had the potential to build a bright, respectable future for himself. Intelligent and driven, Tommy had plans to change the world. His childhood best friend, Freddie Thorne, even implies that young Thomas was sick of the poverty and inequality in his community. He may have had egalitarian/socialist perspectives that he dreamed of manifesting. This, to me, suggests at least one personal planet in his birth-cart to fall in the sign of Aquarius, further supporting the idea of a late-January birth.

A few years after his father's departure, Thomas had even become engaged to his first love, Gretta de Rossi. Everything was going well for him...until it wasn't. Not too far along into their engagement, Gretta developed a serious illness that kept her bedridden - a tragic dejavu. Tommy stayed by her bedside for 3 months before she passed away. I suspect it was similar to the illness that took his mother - maybe even identical. Perhaps, Tommy even nursed his own mother in the same way towards the end of her life. Losing his fiancee was a new, immense trauma that lacerated it's way through Tommy's psyche, re-opening the wounds of his original loss.

This triggering emotional anguish seemed to be a critical tipping-point for Thomas. With Gretta gone, perhaps he felt that any future he had planned up to that point was gone as well. Maybe, he felt that rather than facing the turmoil within him, he could pivot his focus on the chaos unfolding around him. Whatever the reason was, at the age of 24, our Capricorn decisively walked away from the remains of his life plans, and marched straight towards the army to fight the First World War. Thomas, his two brothers, and his best friend volunteered to become infantry soldiers in the British army.

It didn't take long for this Capricorn to quickly climb the ranks. He gained the title of Sergeant Major of the Small Heath Rifles, a small infantry group tasked with tunneling underground tunnels into enemy territory. His leadership earned enough notoriety and respect during his service to win him three awards; a Military Medal, a Distinguished Conduct Metal, and an Order of the British Empire medal.

On November 11th, 1918 - coinciding with our suspected Capricorn's "Saturn's return," WWI came to an end, and the Shelby boys returned home.

A few months later, converging with our Capricorn's Solar Return, the BBC's Peaky Blinders story begins to take place.

To be continued...

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