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Intro to: Astrology of THE LION KING

Welcome back Astro-readers! While I'm well aware that it's already the second week of Taurus season, I've been giving myself permission to get a lot of rest during this quarantine, even if it meant falling behind a bit on my zodiac-themed schedule. Instead of beating myself up about it, I'm just throwing the schedule right out the window, at least until things go back to "normal." I still plan to catch up with my passion projects, mundane-astrology trends be damned. Even if it takes all month, I will still be trying to catch up with all my Aries writing pieces before going full Taurus.

Luckily enough, there's nothing that says Taurus season like: popping some frozen-pizzas in the oven, lighting some herbs, and putting on a great movie. Your first official analysis assignment, should you accept it, is to watch the Lion King while thinking about Astrological symbolisms.

In this next series of writing pieces, I will (finally) be exploring the archetype of Aries through a character in The Lion King. I will also be attempting to decipher the Astrological symbols presented throughout the movie; weather they be celestial events in space, or seasonal ones on earth.

This may initially present itself as a bit of a challenge, since keeping track of each passing day, month & year is a human concept, completely foreign to other animal kingdom species.

However, there are a few manners in human history to which we used to track time that was extremely similar to animals in wilderness; through the cycles of the sun, the moon & the seasons. This, my astro-friends, is our first clue to decoding the Astrological story of The Lion King.

So, to avoid getting carried away & giving spoilers, I need to stop here. Again, I invite you guys to watch the Lion King, think about the astrological symbolisms presented in the story & then come back to compare notes through these writing pieces.

I look forward to exploring different theories with all you AstroBBs in the comments section!

Welcome to:

The Astrological Analysis of The Lion King

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