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ARIES Warrior: Extroverted, Cardinal Fire

Updated: Apr 25, 2020


As we explored in ARIES New Year / Why EAST is WEST on your Birthchart - over the centuries, the constellation of Aries has been associated with the Spring Equinox. This is due to the fact that, during the spring in ancient times, the sun appeared to move into the constellation of Aries.

Within practices of paganism and Astrology, the archetype and characteristics of the Aries constellation, in turn, became associated with all the symbolisms of spring and new birth.

"Aries is the life force, the will to exist. First there is nothing, then there is something. Life thrusts itself out of nowhere, claiming a place in the void. The tone of the process is unflinching, explosive, violent. It conjures up pictures of volcanoes, of white-hot stars bursting into tattered nebulas." - Steven Forrest, The Inner Sky


Have you ever tried to picture what it was like for the first humans who discovered how to make fire? In a world where the only night lights were provided by the moon and the stars, the creation of fire was a revolutionary event for human history.

Just like Columbus "discovered" America, it wouldn't surprise me if the nature of creating the first fire was a complete, and total accident. I mean, it would have had to be. How can one intentionally try to discover something they aren't even aware they can create?

Though we have no idea exactly who first "created" fire among humanity, when they did it, or where they were on earth - we do know one thing.

This accidental, creative, and spontaneous birth fire was an extroverted event that holds Aries symbolism: the symbolism of Cardinal Fire.

Cardinality is the principle of initiation. Out of nothingness, something arises. It is the creative push that allows fresh life to manifest itself in a universe that may already be stable and closed. - Steven Forrest, The Inner Sky

On a micro/human level, Aries can be symbolized by this simple act of creating sparks. Or, as Aliza Kelley puts it, lighting a match. Picture being in-doors during the times before fire. Humanity, were in fact, cave-dwellers at this point in our history. In order to take shelter from predators in the night, we were forced to dwell in the pitch of black. Pre-fire, interior lighting didn't exist without the presence of some kind of bio-luminescent creatures (fancy biology term for "glow in the dark").

There could be no windows to allow moonlight, there couldn't even be a small crack in the cave entrance to lighten the environment, since it would have risked being found by predators. In this period of our history, early humanity spent our nights in a sensory-deprivation-level of pitch black.

Aries MICRO & MACRO Big Bang

Imagine if, as an early human, you were stuck in one of these cave for a prolonged amount of time. Maybe one of your limbs was actually physically stuck in a rock, or you had an injury that kept you from leaving your shelter. Maybe there was an extra persistent predator outside that was trying to eat you, and it was too dangerous for you to leave the cave.

Either way, after having been in this dark environment for so long, you would start to suffer the side-effects of light deprivation. Spacial awareness is no longer possible through sight, you would have no idea if there was anyone or anything else hiding in that cave with you. And you definitely wouldn't be able to tell how much time was passing.

What if then, on a whim, you decide to pick up two rocks and start hitting them against each other. Maybe your intention was to scare away the predator with intimidating noises. But then, unexpectedly, the friction between the rocks creates a spark, and the dried grass on the ground beneath you catches fire. Where there was nothing but darkness before, there is now a small spark, filling the room with enough light to re-gain your senses.

Weather the story of the first human-made fire was similar to our hypothetical scenario or not, either way, the results remain the same. In that moment of cardinal Aries creativity, this human would have created a paradigm shift - altering the course of human history.

It is a most profound realization that this micro-event on earth mirrored the first major macro-level event of the universe. The concept of Aries can also be represented by the the "Big Bang;" a spark that created everything from nothing. Just like our hypothetical caveman didn't know how long he was stuck in his dark cave, no one truly knows how long our universe was in a dormant state of silence, darkness, and nothingness. All we know is that the Aries symbolism on the micro & macro aligns: first there was nothing, then the world around us was born.

Like springtime, fire takes on the spirit of out-rushing energy, charging into the cosmos, shattering all that stands in its way. Uncompromising invincibility of purpose - that is fire. - Steven Forrest, The Inner Sky


There are times in life when we find ourselves backed up into a corner by a terrifying threat, with nowhere to run, and nowhere to hide. Weather it be a real-life monster pursuing us - like an armed mugger, or a rabid dog - or a whole other kind of persistent threat, the fact remains: a life-or-death choice must be made. The answering instinct within all of us tends to be the same; fight or flight. In circumstances where "flight" isn't an option, we brace ourselves for the fight...we find our inner Aries.

No more veneer of gentility and education. No more language. Nothing left but the animal rage to survive.[...] You have found Aries. - Steven Forrest, The Inner Sky

Mars, or Ares (Greek), is the traditional ruler of the sign of Aries. In ancient mythologies, Mars is the Warrior God - making him the original warrior archetype. The Red Planet reminded ancient stargazers of all the blood that was shed during times of war, giving the planet its gory symbolism.

For the majority of human history, war had in fact usually been an Aries event. In ancient times, each year when the early signs of spring would begin to show, armies of all sizes would begin lodging their attacks. Weather they were new conquests, or previous battles that were put on hold over winter - spring always allowed the most optimal seasonal conditions for birthing wars into the world.

Oracles and stargazers of ancient civilizations were the some of the first to notice this pattern of humanity. So, every year, when the sun would move into the constellation of Aries, ancient astrologers would begin to, either warn their kingdoms of the possibility of an attack, or encourage them to pursue new conquests.

“Beware the ides of March...” -William Shakespeare

That is why, come spring, individuals of ancient civilizations would find themselves training both physically, and mentally for battle.

There is only one key that we need to unlock our inner warrior energy. As cheesy as it sounds, all a soldier needs to walk into war is COURAGE. What other psychological function would allow us to knowingly risk our lives in such a violent and terrifying manner? Logic, for example, simply wouldn't allow you to charge into war without considering all the risks. Aries is the process of abandoning both intellect & emotion to tap into pure instinct.

This may be why, in moments of crisis, we are sometimes unable to think logically, as our inner warrior raises our heartbeat and Adrenalin levels to prepare us physically for possible dangers.

You see, the warrior archetype is not exclusively activated by literal war; our inner Aries need only be awakened by fear. Fear of heights, fear of spiders, fear of the ocean - all phobias root from feeling threatened & fearing for one's life. The same applies for other kinds of fears that aren't even physically threatening - like having a panic attack before an exam, or getting lightheaded while talking to your crush. Fear can be felt in the body weather or not there is real danger because the body relies on the mind to assess such threats. Our minds can play tricks on us when it comes to fear.

Thankfully, we need not remain victims to our mental panic attacks. Weather rational or irrational, real or imagined, the mind can be trained to talk itself through fear, just as warriors can train themselves mentally for battle. If we can train our minds to navigate and manage the anxieties and phobias which occupy the Aries terrains, we successfully access courage.

That is the Aries archetype process: accessing our inner warrior. We learn to channel courage by finding the will to triumph over any fears, obstacles, or doubts.

I hope you have found this writing piece on the Aries Archetype informative!

Join me next time as I explore the Aries Archetype through my first movie character:


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