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#2-3 Basic Principles of Astrology

In the last post, we discussed the first of Steven Forrest's 7 Principles of Astrology:

The concept of neutral Astrological symbols.

Diving into #2 and #3, Forrest commences to re-define similar ancient rigidities in the practice of Astrology.

#2 Individual Responsibility

This second principle states that each person is responsible for the way they embody their birthcharts. While we have established that Astrological symbols are neutral, we must also clarify that humans are not.

Weather a planet is functional or dysfunction, or weather a sign displays its light or shadow traits - that is completely under the control of the human, not the birthchart.

Say goodbye to fortune-telling astrology, and hello to a 21st century Astrological practice - one that encompasses humanity's free-will.

#3 The 3rd Dimension: Interaction

"No Astrologer can determine a person's level of response to his birthchart from that chart alone." - Steven Forrest, The Inner Sky

Dimensionality seems to be such an important concept to Forrest. As an alumnus of Architecture design, I completely understand why. A birthchart and an architectural floor-plan both share the qualities of 2-dimensionality. No matter how seriously skilled the architect may be, 2-dimensions is never enough to truly grasp how a 3-dimensional space will actually look and feel.

My interpretation of Forrest's principle is that the same can be said for an Astrologer; no matter how skilled they may be in their practice, a birthchart just isn't enough information to reveal a person's true nature or life-experience.

To remedy this spacial blind-spot, Architects must explore the 3rd dimensionality of design - through interacting with a physical or digital model.

Again, it seems the same parallel can be drawn for an Astrologer's key to the 3rd dimension; physical or digital interaction. Along with the birthchart, we need to be able to see and sense the energy being radiated by the person whose birtchart we are attempting to read.

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