I graduated with an Architectural Design degree in 2016. Though I am not currently a practicing architect, the design education I received has been instrumental in my creative & design processes. 

I began my astrological studies in early 2019, but I have been obsessed with Greco-Roman mythology my entire life. Throughout learning this mystical language, I have developed a fondness for analyzing and interpreting the astrological concepts & archetypes of some of my favorite books, movies, and TV shows.

Itching to get back into writing again, I am following my creative muses and inspirations - and right now they're screaming:


Astrological Analysis of Storytelling 


So here I am, endeavoring on a new kind of adventure with a new kind of writing portfolio.

I hope that all those who think of themselves as astrology enthusiasts & who share my passion for these stories enjoy my analyses.

I also invite all those with more knowledge and experience in both astrology and writing to please provide any helpful feedback they can.


Signing off,

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Basha the Astrologer; also known as; Basha the Vagabond